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The more complicated it gets, the less satisfaction you get, and it gets worse over time. Difficult clients are the first to get dropped when business is good; believe me. Address not available Ronielle.

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I had a 3 hour session with a client that I have known for many, many years. One of the rewards of escorting with my real name and identity which is not the norm for the sex industry is that the level of trust and openess is much higher right from the start. Building on these, a relationship, even between an escort and client, becomes surprisingly fullfilling for both, especially on the long term. Many personal stories are remembered and built upon over the years, and the session goes by very fast, as if there wasn't enough time to do everything.

The sweet and dear man in question has taken photos of me over the years, and has also collect photos and blog posts from ronielle. He then assembled his collection into 2 books, and showed them to me. I was pretty amazed for a couple of reasons: The amount of hours of work it took him to do this project, and the resources to materialize it must have been a lot, and I am very greatful for it. In one glance I realize that I must have meant a lot to him. He was worried that I may be not escorting as my penis enlargement business increases, but I assured him that I only intended to stop advertising as an escort.

My regular clients and new ones are still welcome, as my work is still very flexible to do both. That is the primary purpose of being self-employed, being responsible for my own business. I concentrate more on my penis enlargement business because I can reach guys worldwide, instead of those currently in Montreal, Canada. Escorting for a living is fun, and having a parallel business to fall back on gives me a strong sense of security.

In both cases, my obsessions of gay sex and penises are fulfilled.

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No bosses or co-workers? I love working in a good team, but I like independance more. Ronielle Location: Thursday, August 18, Evolution of an Escorting Career. Once upon a time a young man studying structural engineering at university and working as a radio communications officer in the military decided to pursue another career path: Practicing massage since before high school graduation, the fact that there was no boss but myself was highly appealing, and I choose the work conditions. A year and a half of birds lead me back to massage therapy again. Finding massage clients was not very difficult in Montreal, but finding the best advertisers took time.

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Not long after I started massaging, sexual propositions started happening, and thus an escort was born. Finding out that escorting was not just about ejaculation, the nuances of escorting became slowly apparent. Becoming more involved in learning more about the wonders of individuality, clients became more like real people and less like wallets filled with cash which is a trap many short term escorts fall for.

Escorting became very enjoyable when the right outlook and philosophy is developed, and is the main reason I remain in this industry after more than a decade. Aging is a concern for many people who rely on their appearance. Penis size is also a concern for those who rely on it for work.

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A long standing obsession for looking for the 'big one' became an obsession for finding the secrets of making 'a big one'. My scientific background was suddenly brought back to life, and my thirst for research made me realize that knowledge of the unknown is my trip. And this research and experimentation has evolved my career to the present: As the media is reporting that the economy is slowing down, its effects on escorting is pretty discouraging: Anticipating this decline, my consultation business has grown in the past year and is now in year 2.

The demographic for consultations is much broader since men from all around the world are my targets, not just the men in Montreal. More people are interested in penis enlargement than with having a session with an escort. Last but not least, penis enlargement is an amazing science with even more potential for discovery than escorting. It is the only passion that rivals my passion for escorting, perhaps because I love thinking that I can personally help men from all over on increasing their manhood. Being envied for having a large penis is one thing; helping others along the same path is a lifelong dream.

Many clients are concerned about my future: I see this as an opportunity to be creative. Penis tailor, anyone? Keep in touch, and thanks for reading! Posted by Ronielle at 8: With a job like mine, weirdos feel free to contact me without any true intensions of hiring me. Text messaging is becoming the most popular way of initiating contact, being a mix of phone and email communications. Growing numbers of text messaging users unfortunately mean that being harrased by text is growing, too.

A guy texts me about setting up an encounter, but when the conversation begins to feel like sexting which is the text equivalent to phone sex , I politely ask for a time and date they would like a session, and inform him of my hourly rate. When he claims to not having any money, I write back with, "my services are for serious clients only", and soon after I am flooded with a string of derogatory comments like whore, slut, and other non-creative insults visualize my eyes rolling back at the display of stupidity.

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Having this happen once in a while is expected: Lol The way I deal with it is to use it as a conversation piece, a subject for psychological analysis, and a topic for a blog post. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? When I am confronted with such maliciousness, I react with compassion and appreciation. I feel compassion because I pity the fool who displays how lonely, bored and probably poor he is to indulge in such juvenile cheap thrills, and appreciation to have a large pool of clients who are high quality people.

To react negatively to such onslaught is to admit weakness in my integrity: The contrast becomes clearer in the presence of open hostility: I don't believe that I invite negative people to contact me, but perhaps life sends them my way to strengthen my sense of humor and to thicken my skin. Being an escort and now a penis enlargement consultant generates flash judgments and assumptions by strangers, but I rather have people think about me than to be completely ignored.

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Let me just send this one message right now into the world: So make sure that before you fight fire with fire, you step back to avoid the blow before you waste your precious energy on a nobody. It's easier than you think. Friday, August 5, Monstercock Woes: Escort Brings Relief. On extremely rare occasions, a client has a difficult time finding suitable sexual partners because his penis is so massive.

Being a repeat client, he confides to me that I was the only one who he has been able to take him without complaints or show signs of pain, which is a turn off for him. Getting fucked by something huge requires quite a bit of skill, from relaxing the ass, pelvic positioning, Lamaze breathing, and finally, complete surrendering to the feeling of getting ass-raped to completion. Facial expressions can tell a lot to a top, and enjoying deep, deep fucking requires a capacity to transmute pain into ecstasy. While I remember the last time he dug deep inside me, I told him that he was teaching me a lesson that I will never forget.

Being on the receiving end of a big dick reminded me of when I fucked guys who could take mine: Being totally dominated gave me a release; it was as if I was an electronic device and my reset button has being pressed. He must have felt the shift too: But I completely understand the feeling of fucking someone the way you want. Instead of worrying if you are hurting the other, you focus on the pleasure of unrestricted penetration with condoms, of course.

Its a pity that a guy who has a large dick is envied, yet at the same time is restricted from performing to his full potential by most of his sexual partners. But finding sexual compatibility is quite difficult for most people, each having their own considerations. To finish, bottoming is an art: It is nice to feel my limits pushed once in a while! Ronielle out! This is not the first time that I write about sexual compatibility, but its importance in existing relationships seem to increase over time.

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There are many types of sexual compatibilities: If you and your partner enjoy having frequent sex these type of guys will usually masturbate nightly if not actually having sex , then you are compatible in terms of sexual frequency. When one partner declines sex as a habit, then problems manifest physically in several ways: Sex is well known to be an effective stress reliever, as well as good exercise.

In many married couples, the sex-controlling spouse often discourages the other from masturbating, or the other way around; encourages the other to masterbate to relieve tension. Either way, when trapped in a relationship, the perks of having a partner someone to have sex with for "free" are non-existant.

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A multitude of excuses to not have sex are often heard, but never truly believed. What is the most hurtful is finding out the person you truly love is no longer sexually interested in you. Food replaces physical love and motivation to keep in shape is diminished. Bodyfat accumulation begins and steadily reinforces your loved one to not love you.

How many people in relationships are truly miserable? Don't answer out loud, as your trained response is probably not the truth. Sexual role compatibility for couples is also a touchy issue. Since bottoms and tops are a good fit in theory, some tops ejaculate too fast, to the disappointment of the bottom, or vice versa: Either way, sex requires communication and education in long term relationships.

Some want oral, some want anal, some just want frottage; it would be nice to have someone who can handle the sexual aspect of a relationship to reduce sexual pressure in an imcompatible pairing. Imagine a world where escorting is a viable way of addressing these issues. Unfortunately, sex is used as a bargaining chip ultimately used to control the actions of another, with greater control when the couple are monogamous. But such power and control are diffused when people have choices. A man does not need permission to have an orgasm. No one should be trapped in a relationship. Fear is the main obstacle for making choices, but once fear is overcome, the weight that is lifted is the greatest feeling in the world.

My heart goes out to all who are trapped and miserable. You give your master the control, and only you can take it back. Don't be scared to live your life, but be afraid of spending the rest of it as he'll on earth. As an escort, many confide to me about their personal lives, and I am happy to be the one they reach out to to have fun.

But my guys leave, and I am left wondering if they will be ok. I certainly hope so. Ok, enough seriousness. Relationships can be great, don't get me wrong. But for many, the sex could be better. A client calls and is asking for an erotic massage with someone who is 'openminded'. After talking for a while, 'openminded' for him means unprotected oral sex with in-mouth ejaculation. I explained my policy with condoms and oral sex, which he disliked.